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 manufactures high quality lawn and garden equipment under the Eastman, Ingersoll, and Eastman Reel brand names.

Incorporated under the trade name of Eastman Industries in 1998, the company purchased and re-designed the GrassCraft Hover Mower, an innovative mower that floats on a cushion of air.  The Eastman Hover Mower was introduced into the market place in 2000 and is used by premiere golf courses and professional landscapers around the world.

Eastman launched its first walk behind push mower in 2002, and now manufactures a superior 21” self propelled mower designed for the professional landscaper as well as a 21” rotary self propelled striping mower that creates a beautiful striping effect for the discriminate lawn or sports field.

Ingersoll Tractor Company, with a long and proud history dating back to 1962 was acquired by Eastman Industries in 2006, and moved from its home in Wisconsin to Portland, Maine. Geared towards the recreational farmer, orchards and other small estates, the Ingersoll tractor boasts a unique hydraulic drive system, the HyDrive.  The HyDrive transfers power directly from the engine to the wheels for smooth efficient power eliminating the need for belts, pulleys or drive shafts, and this one of a kind machine benefits from a devoted customer base.  In addition to the hand controlled or foot controlled tractor, Ingersoll offers a full range of sought after attachments and accessories.

In 2007, Eastman purchased the California Trimmer Company and re-introduced the trimmer as the Eastman Reel mower, which has been enthusiastically received by commercial users throughout the marketplace. Eastman’s pledge to offer the highest quality equipment is reflected in the fit, finish and polish of the new Reel Mower.


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